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Parent Feedback

"Every day Harry asks if he's going to pre-school - weekends are such a let down for him! I am dreading when he leaves in July to go to school in September. He absolutely loves the place!" 2017

"I am pleased with how my child has been handled. I would like to thank all the staff for your patience and support we are very grateful" 2016

"A very good pre-school, my son has always felt safe and loved and you have all helped with developing him into the lovely little boy that he is today." 2016

"Each and every member of staff are so lovely and caring. My child loves you all. Thnk you so much for giving my child a great time at pre-school" 2016

"Burghclere Pre-school gave Freddie perfect grounding, as well as a great network of friends, before starting at the primary school. He used to be most put out when he wasnt going! Thank you!" 2015


"All 3 of my children had the very best start to school at Burghclere Pre school and never wanted to leave. They all still talk about it now and they are 10, nearly 9 and 6!!! We miss you all and send all our love to the whole team. Keep up the fantastic work guys, it means so much to the parents as well as the children." 2013

"My twins went to this pre-school and loved it. A great start for them before joining school. strong links with Burghclere primary school makes a nice easy move for the children when they start school." 2014

"Shauna loved it, made so many lovely friends there and is now soon to leave secondary school, where do the years go to?"

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